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Living Chaos
Surviving is instinct, Living is a choice.

So yeah this is where I will be posting all chapters of Living Chaos. I hope you enjoy and thanks for stopping by. :D

Do not skip over this it is important.

Ok So this post is always going to be at the top. I will constantly reblog this so it maintains the top spot, just because this is important.

This story covers its aspects of controversial topics. I don’t just mean dead people coming back to eat others, no I mean, rape, abuse, and other very awful subjects. Now with this being said, many of you are going to get mad. I understand. I also want you to understand I would never under any circumstance play out any one of these horrible scenarios to be some petty joke. No, it’s harsh and brutal, and if you cannot handle it. Please do not force yourself to read this. I would much rather you read this and have the option vs. reading along a chapter and being triggered. So hate me if you want to, but this is your warning. I’m not going to make a fool out of any of this, but I need not have people ill prepared and my lack of warnings signify that I don’t care. Because trust me I do. So there you go. If you choose to continue on I do hope that you truly enjoy this story, even as deep as it may get at times.


Hi! Nice to see you here!

If you’re here just know there is nothing goin on yet! I’m very close however to posting the first chapter so hold onto your seat! This show is about to hit the road!!

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