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It was between a dress for homecoming or sims 4-

Hell I dunno how to social, unless I’m online, sims 4 it is!!

(in other words I got the game!)

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My brother says hi, oh and Lexi too.

Don’t reblog my brother please.


I straight up asked my teacher if the people who came up with this were high and her response was:

Maybe, I don’t know I wasn’t there.

my friend chimed in: I still don’t get why we’re taught this, like how is it supposed to help me later on in life.

She shrugged: I don’t know why it probably has something to do with money, but for now you have too. I’m sorry.

(Algebra enrichment btw, and this problem could be incorrect I dunno.)


Light was coming through the windows, It was morning. Another day. Somehow I’d managed to make it into my bed; how, I’m not sure. I sat up pushing the covers off of me, I swung my feet to the floor stretching out my shoulders. I took a deep breath wandering out of my room.


I usually fall asleep, not that I want to sleep on the floor, I just pass out. You would never guess that I’ve been doing this since I turned six. Most people wouldn’t. The collapse of the world happened eighteen years ago. I lost my mom, grandma, dad, right in front of my eyes. I escaped, but now I don’t understand why I wanted to. I guess it was survival at that point. Plus I didn’t know the torture it would lead me through. 


After years of this you’d think I’d be used to it. You’d assume that I’d be accustom to it. I’d assume that. I just can’t stand the noise, the loud gunshots, the thousands of screams. It’s not something you can just roll your eyes at, I guess. It’s better this way though, if I was on my own I wouldn’t be able to continue. I’m not sure what kind of life this is, I’m not sure why I’m still here. 

Another photo from yesterday that I didn’t use but really liked, Judith is a sassy little nugget.

simsl3gacies replied to your post: I just like this photo. (x) 

it’s very poignant <3

Indeed, it just makes me want to hug her. :( Another girl added into the world of Living Chaos.

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I just like this photo. (x

I want to cut my hair shorter so bad. I’m in need of change asap.

I’m tempted to take the scissors to it myself, I’m going through one of those spells. Fuck.

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